Monday, June 1, 2009

Something Different - Learning to Wire Wrap

This weekend I got to try something different.  I took a glass pendant wire wrapping class at my local glass shop, Alpine Stained Glass.  Last year the instructor - Jeanne - offered a fusing glass where I really learned a lot and I had a feeling that I would soon be hooked on this as well.  We started out with some copper wire for practice but we quickly got the hang of it and selected our own cabochons to work with for a finished product.  The pattern she taught us was fairly basic and a great one for beginners.  And boy, there's a real 'wow' factor to doing this!  After laying the ground work for the wrap, you place the cabochon into the wire and suddenly you're working on something beautiful!  I'm thrilled with the piece that I made and have already ordered supplies to do my own at home.  Now, I'll just have to keep myself busy with glass until it gets here!

What do you think of my first attempt?  I'm excited to keep working and learning how to avoid tool marks and trying different patterns.  Keep your eyes on my Etsy shop because I'm hoping some of these will make an appearance in the coming weeks!


  1. I'm anxious to see your results. This one looks terrific!!

  2. Love the pendant! I love the look of wire wrapping. Good luck. You have a nice shop!

  3. Your work is beautiful. And thanks for visiting my blog!!

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