Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At Work in My Studio

Today I'm working in my studio and I thought it would be nice to share these photos with you so you can see where I work.  We've converted a spare bedroom into an office which I share with my husband and I've put a large work table by the window so I can use it to cut glass. It's actually a pretty nice place to work since I can bounce back and forth between the work table and the computer as needed.  

My kiln however, lives in the kitchen on a rolling cart next to the sliding glass door.  For some reason, I wasn't too keen about putting the kiln in a room with carpet and the sliding door provides good ventilation should I need it.

Isn't it cute?  It's just a table top version and it runs on a regular household outlet, but it's perfect for me.  I can run a couple of firings in a day if needed and it never takes long for me to make enough things to fill it up!  Not too big, and not too small - yet.  They say kilns are addictive but I really like the versatility of this one.  I guess only time will tell.


  1. Do you have to worry about ventilation in the bedroom where you cut glass? I know from working with enamels that once glass gets in the body, it never gets out. Enamels come in a powdered glass form so they are easy to ingest accidentally!

  2. Since I'm cutting bigger pieces and I'm not working with powdered frit, I don't ventilate the room. Some dust is created by cutting, but not a level that I feel is unsafe. I do however wear a mask when I'm grinding pieces and when I clean out my kiln. Those are the times that the dust is most active in the air.

  3. Oooh! I love seeing where people create!