Friday, May 22, 2009

Ready for a Busy Weekend?

I had better be!  My husband is a competitive youth soccer coach and every Memorial Day weekend his club hosts a big tournament.  He's coaching three teams so he'll be coaching as many as five games a day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday - not to mention the other games that he'll want to watch in between!  Needless to say, we'll be at the soccer fields from sun up to sun down all weekend long.  Why do I go, you ask?  When it's one of these marathon weekends usually I don't.  But Memorial Day weekend is a little bit different.  The weather is nice, people are in a good mood because they've got some extra time off and for me it's the kick-off to summer.  So today will be filled with errand running, cooler and car packing and laundry.  But tomorrow, as busy as it will be, I'll be enjoying the sun and breathing in the first breaths of summer - even if it is in a sea of thousands of people, we'll all be doing the same thing.

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