Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Look Out Folks - I'm On a Roll!

That's right, I listed TWO more items in my shop today - you'll have to go over there to check them out.  I'm particularly happy with the dragonfly pendant shown here.  It's the perfect gift for someone who loves dragonflies and it's even more stunning in real life!

Another reason I'm on a roll is we finally got a new desk for the office last night.  I had robbed us of our main work table a few weeks ago to use it in my art show booth and we decided to try and find something that better suits our needs rather than put it back.  Sooo, off to Office Depot we went last night and we got a great L-shaped desk with lots of work space.  It took us until 2 AM to get everything set up, but this morning I was able to go through everything that had been accumulating since we took the other table out and boy do I feel better!  Isn't it amazing what clearing a little clutter can do for your state of mind?  

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