Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Motivation - Dale Chihuly - Glass Artist

You might say that this week's Monday Motivation is long overdue.  Dale Chihuly is, after all, probably the most recognized glass artist in the world today.  His work is varied; there is something for everyone.  As a founder of the Pilchuck Glass School, glass artists all over the world have learned about their craft because of him.  Furthermore, he has been the leading force in revolutionizing the modern Studio Glass movement.  He has exploded the boundaries of the medium and established a collaborative technique that is unparalleled.

Take a look at some of Chihuly's work.  Which pieces do you like the best?  The Seaforms?  The Macchia?  What about the Installations or Chandeliers?  They are all so different, yet his fascination with color, light and transparency are evident in all of them.  As you go about your week, challenge yourself to break new ground and try something you've never tried before.  Chihuly's work shows us the wonderful things that can happen when you do.  (Above: Dale Chihuly, Squero di San Trovaso, 1996, 10'x4', Chihuly Over Venice)


  1. I love Chihuly! There was a PBS(?) documentary about him a few years ago, when he was doing the Venice canal pieces (those are my favorites) as well as some installations in Mexico and other places.

    And an absolute great motivation- he just doesn't quit!